Yemen Erupts in Inferno

The violence becomes intolerable in Sanaa.

The state of Yemen is headed for disaster. The cycle of violence has reached epic proportions where people are being killed in clashes between opposing factions. For obvious reasons this poses a threat to its northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia. People were seen leaving the capital, Sanaa, by stacking their belongings on top of their cars and hurrying off. There seems no end to the street fighting that has claimed at least 40 people’s lives since Monday.

The major grievance the freedom fighters have is against the head of the state, Ali Abdullah Saleh. In the vituperative speech of one such person named Ahmar, gang leader of the Hashed tribal federation: “Ali Abdullah Saleh is a liar, liar, liar.” The fear remains that Yemen will end up a failed state or at worse a rogue state and a base for Al-Qaeda. The fate and future of this country remains in the balance.