Saleh’s Message On Television

The Yemeni President gets his viewpoint across  live on TV.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared on television in his first address to the nation. With white stubble on his face rather than the trademark mustache, he was clearly recovering from the assassination attempt which took place a month ago. Saleh stated the fact that he wanted to share power. The Yemen TV pre-recorded interview portrayed him with bandages on his hands and arms.

“We are not against participation” he emphasized. He thanked King Abdullah for allowing hospitalization and treatment in Saudi Arabia. He also said in a signature style of his that ” we will confront a challenge with a challenge.” But the people of Yemen have had enough. They are not bamboozled by his pleas for reconsideration.

Rumors about his return to Yemen abound. It will however be difficult due to the steady pressure that has built up against him in his own country.

  • King

    go to hell saleh we dont want your dictatorship you have killed nearly million of people you will be safe in publics eye but what about Allah swt he is seeing you and he is punishing you for what you did