Saleh Might Return

The Yemeni leader may come back.

After Ali Abdullah Saleh was wounded he left for Saudi Arabia where he was hospitalized. But having undergone extensive treatment he is back to his usual self. The man is fit enough to make remarks about how he might return to Yemen. However, many of those who opposed his rule in the first place have made it clear that he should not even think about coming to power.

“The important thing is that he signs an agreement to transfer power” said Ali Seif Hassan, a political analyst. Previously Saleh had refused to sign the GCC Agreement thereby jeopardizing his chances of a rapprochement with the people of Yemen. When a bomb hit his palace, shrapnel got stuck in his chest causing severe injuries due to which he had to rush to Saudi Arabia for succor.

But now Saleh is having second thoughts. The intoxication of power is so great that our leaders will make heaven and earth meet in order to continue their rule.