Skype Solution On the Way

The communication tool has a remedy.

Skype has always been a boon and a blessing but that was until December of last year when things began to go wrong. The fact that many innocent users encountered trouble downloading the version that appeared on their computer screens was a source of embarrassment for the owner. This hitch in service has however been acknowledged and is fast being fixed.

According to the service-providers: “only a small number of users are being affected.” They have further promised a steady solution to the irksome problem. The company’s blog quotes Peter Parkes as saying that: “you should start to see an improvement in an hour or so.” This is not new since back in 2007 Skype was out of order for the space of an entire day thereby affecting social and business links on a world-wide scale.

Just like the Internet running out of website domains due to the sheer size of the undertaking, the Skype fiasco shows that when you depend on technology alone all your eggs are literally in one basket. A machine, no matter how sophisticated, cannot think like a human being.