Saleh’s Message On Television

The Yemeni President gets his viewpoint across  live on TV. President Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared on television in his first address to the nation. With white stubble on his face rather than the trademark mustache, he was clearly recovering from the assassination attempt which took place a month ago. Saleh stated the fact that he […]

Saleh Might Return

The Yemeni leader may come back. After Ali Abdullah Saleh was wounded he left for Saudi Arabia where he was hospitalized. But having undergone extensive treatment he is back to his usual self. The man is fit enough to make remarks about how he might return to Yemen. However, many of those who opposed his […]

Saleh Wounded in Attack

Ali Abdullah Saleh escapes with his life intact. The Yemeni Premier was lightly wounded in an attack with mortar shells on his compound in Sanaa. The dissidents which include the Ahmar Tribe have really done it this time. Ali Abdullah Saleh along with a few other officials were wounded when shells struck a mosque in […]

41 Yemenis Feared Dead

Street fights in Sanaa have gotten out of hand. Government agencies and street fighters retaliated against each other with weapons in the capital, Sanaa. The result was that 41 Yemenis got killed in the clashes. The fighting began in the capital but soon spread to other areas of the country. The rule of Ali Abdullah […]

Civil War Imminent in Yemen

The streets of Sanaa are not safe anymore. The state of security and order in Yemen is deteriorating by the hour. Fighting between the insurgent elements and President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s forces have wreaked havoc on the infrastructure. Saleh has refused to sign the truce thereby adding fuel to the fire. More than a hundred […]

Yemen Erupts in Inferno

The violence becomes intolerable in Sanaa. The state of Yemen is headed for disaster. The cycle of violence has reached epic proportions where people are being killed in clashes between opposing factions. For obvious reasons this poses a threat to its northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia. People were seen leaving the capital, Sanaa, by stacking their […]