Tehran Turns the Tables

Iran has accused the West of sponsoring terrorism. In a bold move Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad lashed out at Western accusations of Tehran’s sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah by saying that “Washington, Israel and Europe are the worst culprits.” This comes amidst a meeting of delegates in Tehran on the occasion of the International Conference […]

The West and the Rest

Why blame Western Civilization for everything? There is a tendency, especially in Muslim countries, nowadays to blame the West for everything from the backwardness of the Third World to the moral decay that is a sign of the postmodern condition. While there is some truth to this post-colonial thinking, one must also remember that we […]

West Sees Iranian Threat

Is Iran really that much of a threat in the region? Like “the boy who cried wolf” the western powers including Israel have time after time raised alarm bells regarding Iran and its nuclear program. Washington and Tel Aviv hold firmly to the unfounded belief that Iran plans to make a nuclear weapon and will […]

US and Britain Harangue Syria

Western powers coerce Al-Assad to stop the violence. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, along with her British counterpart, William Hague, urged Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, to desist from killing and arresting the protesters in his country. At least 900 people have died in the Syrian insurrection and thousands have been incarcerated. The vicious beatings […]