US-GCC Deal is On

The United States wants to sign a trade agreement. Prospects for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are looking up as the US has its eyes set on signing a Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement (TICA) with the nations included within the council’s auspices. The major nation this pact is being signed with is the United Arab […]

Pak-US Love-Hate Romance

Has the relationship turned sour? Or even abusive? Pakistan and the United States have had an on-again off-again relationship which has seen the two countries through difficult times. But the recent tide of events seems to have rudely awoken both nations from their sweet dreams. First Osama’s death caused quite a furor in Islamabad since […]

Pakistan Prepares Itself

Militants are the main nemesis of Islamabad. Pakistan, paying heed to the US directed attack on Al-Qaeda and Taleban elements in North Waziristan, has decided to step up its confrontational attitude with the rebels and fanatics in the region. A hotbed of anti-state partisans of extremism the area has been hit before yet its inhabitants […]

Blast in Afghanistan

Police Commander dies in bomb blast. Afghanistan’s Takhar Province was the site of a bomb blast in which a Police Commander, Daood Daood lost his life. Many others were badly hurt. The suicide bomber made the governor’s house his target. The capital of the province,Taloghan, was the point of attack. A cloud of smoke was […]

Iran Catches US Spies

¬† A CIA spy network uncovered in Iran. Iranian authorities have caught at least 30 individuals accused of spying for the CIA. Such an incident has previously occured in Iran where the penalty¬†for spying is death. This news comes amidst US President Barack Obama’s charges that Iran is sponsoring terrorism and intends to make nuclear […]