Tehran Turns the Tables

Iran has accused the West of sponsoring terrorism. In a bold move Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad lashed out at Western accusations of Tehran’s sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah by saying that “Washington, Israel and Europe are the worst culprits.” This comes amidst a meeting of delegates in Tehran on the occasion of the International Conference […]

Pakistan Under Pressure

Hillary Clinton’s visit has a purpose. United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrived in Pakistan with an agenda the goal of which was to urge the Pakistani government to step up counter-terrorist activities. Turmoil is banal in Pakistan as the people are fed up with all the haphazard suicide bombings and bumbling policies of […]

Mehran Fiasco Damages Pakistan’s Image

The latest destructive acts wrought by internal enemies. The insurgents who attacked the PNS Mehran Base near Karachi a day back, had specific targets which they hoped to achieve. No doubt, a major one of these was the demoralization of the security forces. As for the tactics they employed, they resembled the ones used by […]

Deadly Blasts in Iraq

Bomb explosions spell tragedy in Baghdad. Bomb blasts killed at least 16 people in the area around Baghdad, according to authorities. Explosions are a commonplace occurrence in Iraq and seem to have increased since the death of Osama bin Laden. 10 people were killed in Taji, north of Baghdad, in a Shia majority area. Of […]