Assad Finally Speaks

The Syrian President wants to talk to his nation’s people. Bashar Al-Assad is to address his country’s citizens soon in a bid to hold on to what little semblance of sanity there exists in Syria. The anti-governmental protests which started some time ago have taken on monumental dimensions. His one-man rule is under attack from […]

Iran Interferes in Syrian Affairs

Iran sends aid to Syria. Iran has tried to end the tension in Syria by sending its advisers as well as weapons and surveillance equipment to its supporters there. The objective of all this is to destroy the anti-governmental forces which are active in Syria. Aid from Iran has led to incarceration of scores of […]

Tragic Deaths in Syria

More Syrian protesters lose their lives. Syrian security has unleashed hell upon the protesters, three of whom have been killed in the recent clashes. The deaths occurred in the southern Syrian town of Dael where the protesters shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” from the rooftops. When police opened fire into the crowd of demonstrators there were casualties. All […]

US and Britain Harangue Syria

Western powers coerce Al-Assad to stop the violence. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, along with her British counterpart, William Hague, urged Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, to desist from killing and arresting the protesters in his country. At least 900 people have died in the Syrian insurrection and thousands have been incarcerated. The vicious beatings […]

US Imposes Sanctions on Syria’s President

Syrian government faces sanctions by lone superpower. The government of President Bashar Al-Assad, which has been ruling Syria since the past 11 years, has just incurred the wrath of the United States. A series of sanctions have been imposed on the the President and several high-ranking officials in his government. There was talk of taking […]