Sudan vice president criticises Obama

On Saturday Sudan’s vice president Ali Osman Taha criticised US President for warning of possible bloodshed if a referendum on independence for south Sudan does not take place as planned in January. Doha: In a news conference Ali Osman Taha said, “Obama receives reports from entities who do not know what is happening in Sudan”. […]

Sudan: UN peacekeepers to police parts of south-north border

On Wednesday, the Security Council diplomats said that the United Nations peacekeepers could create limited buffer zones in hot spots along the border of south and north Sudan before a referendum on independence is held in the south of the country. Their comments came as a result of a request by Salva Kiir the South […]

Sudan bus crash kills 37 people and injures 26.

Khartoum: Two buses collided in the northern Sudanese state of White Nile on Thursday, killing thirty-seven people and injuring 26, the director of Sudan’s traffic police said. “A bus tried to overtake a truck, but it failed and it collided into a minibus coming the other way, setting the minibus on fire,” said Mohammed Tahier […]