South Sudan Gains Independence

Khartoum has announced¬†its separation from the South. After years of violence and bloodshed North and South Sudan officially became distinct countries on the world map. The South contains well over 75% of the oil reserves of the once united nation. This is a cause of concern in the North since the economy virtually ran on […]

Civilians Massacred in Sudan

Unrest in South Kordofan results in civilian deaths. Aerial bombardment of various areas in the southern Sudanese border town of Kordofan resulted in the untimely death of several innocent civilians. The genocide in Sudan has taken its toll. With brutal attacks from both sides there has been an appalling level of bloodshed. The African Union […]

Fighting in Darfur

Clashes in Darfur claim lives. The SLA (Sudanese Liberation Army) fought with the SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) in a recent flare-up. The SLA appears to be the injured party in this skirmish. Over 27 have been killed along with 40 injured. Thousands have been displaced from their ancestral homes. The SAF affirmed the reports of […]

Egypt: 55 Sudanese arrested who were heading to Israel

¬† Fifty-five Sudanese migrants hidden in a container on a truck heading into the Sinai region were found by Egyptian police, where they planned to get across the border into Israel, security sources said on Sunday. the sources said, that the migrants, forty men, 9 women and 6 children of age as young as four, […]

Sudanese President vowed no return to war with south

On wednesday, Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese President pledged that there will be no return to civil war with the south as an independence vote for the region looms. Only a week after saying that the only result he would accept from the landmark referendum scheduled in January was a vote for unity, Omar al-Bashir asserted […]