Sudanese President vowed no return to war with south

On wednesday, Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese President pledged that there will be no return to civil war with the south as an independence vote for the region looms. Only a week after saying that the only result he would accept from the landmark referendum scheduled in January was a vote for unity, Omar al-Bashir asserted […]

Sudan vice president criticises Obama

On Saturday Sudan’s vice president Ali Osman Taha criticised US President for warning of possible bloodshed if a referendum on independence for south Sudan does not take place as planned in January. Doha: In a news conference Ali Osman Taha said, “Obama receives reports from entities who do not know what is happening in Sudan”. […]

Libyan leader warns against ‘contagion’ of Sudan partition

On Sunday, Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi warned that the partition of Sudan would be a “contagious disease” that could spread to other African countries. He said at the opening of an Arab-Africa summit in Sirte, Libya. “What is happening in Sudan could become a contagious disease that affects the whole of Africa,” “We must recognise […]

Sudan bus crash kills 37 people and injures 26.

Khartoum: Two buses collided in the northern Sudanese state of White Nile on Thursday, killing thirty-seven people and injuring 26, the director of Sudan’s traffic police said. “A bus tried to overtake a truck, but it failed and it collided into a minibus coming the other way, setting the minibus on fire,” said Mohammed Tahier […]