Eleven Killed in Tunisia

Eleven die in clashes between rival groups. Antagonistic forces met face to face and the ensuing violence claimed 11 lives. Tunisia is the setting for the mining town of Metlaoui where stores were looted and shops were set on fire. The fighting took place with the use of bombs, guns and iron bars. The controversy […]

Tragic Deaths in Syria

More Syrian protesters lose their lives. Syrian security has unleashed hell upon the protesters, three of whom have been killed in the recent clashes. The deaths occurred in the southern Syrian town of Dael where the protesters shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” from the rooftops. When police opened fire into the crowd of demonstrators there were casualties. All […]

Egypt’s Political Climate Still Stormy

Egyptians still angry over perceived injustice. Egypt has not seen the last of its revolutionary firebrands. Even after the toppling of Hosni Mubarak’s ossified government, there are more goals in the hit list formed by the agents of change. Crowds gathered this Friday to call for the corrupt elements in the army to step down. […]