Moroccan Protests Continue

Protests continue despite the new constitution of King Muhammad VI. Moroccans are up in arms. Thousands of dissatisfied individuals took to the streets of Rabat (the capital city) to express their sense of injustice against the King’s victory in the referendum. King Muhammad VI has just won by a landslide but the protesters are adamant […]

Assad Finally Speaks

The Syrian President wants to talk to his nation’s people. Bashar Al-Assad is to address his country’s citizens soon in a bid to hold on to what little semblance of sanity there exists in Syria. The anti-governmental protests which started some time ago have taken on monumental dimensions. His one-man rule is under attack from […]

Unrest in Bahrain

Bahrain once again erupts in protests. Just two days after the lifting of a martial law, Bahrain saw protesters come out on the streets to cause a commotion. Police were called in and they fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. Bahrain has a unique situation where the ruler is a Sunni while […]

Yemen on Fire

Protesters killed amidst clashes with police. In Yemen, the streets were the scene of bloody violence as the pro-president forces came face to face with the protesters. Six people were killed in the recent collisions between opposing factions in Yemeni society. This came about at a time when the president Ali Abdullah Saleh has refused […]

Uprising in Morocco

Protesters beaten by police. Unrest in Morocco has led to the police being called into action by concerned authorities. Riots in the capital city of Rabat and Casablanca have been dispersed by policemen carrying batons and shields. Some of the acts of the police were very savage and brutal. An example is of a 30 […]

Many Injured in Anti-American Protests in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan :35 police officers and 12 civilians were injured in a clash between anti-American protesters and the Afghan police on Wednesday, as both sides accused each other of randomly firing shots, police officials and witnesses said. It is still not clear whether anyone has died in the violence. This is the latest in a […]