Egypt Closes Gaza Strip Crossing

The Egyptians block the border crossing to Israel. After a month of opening the Gaza Strip crossing, through which many Palestinians migrated, Egypt has finally closed it. This has angered many people who had come with the expectation of crossing it. Belligerent Palestinians gathered in crowds at the crossing. Israel would probably be happy at […]

Israeli rabbi David Rosen: Israel has ‘responsibility’ for Palestinians

On Wednesday, an Israeli rabbi, David Rosen told a major Vatican conference of Catholic bishops on the Middle East that Israel has “a special responsibility” for its Palestinian neighbours. David Rosen said, “The plight of Palestinians generally and Palestinian Christians in particular should be of profoundconcern to Jews both in Israel and the Diaspora”. He […]

Syrian President: Israel does not want peace

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad slammed an Israeli citizenship law that he said was proof the Israel doesn’t want to make peace with the Palestinians. Israel’s mainly right wing government voted overwhelmingly on Sunday in favour of the controversial legislation requiring non-Jewish new citizens to swear loyalty to the country as a Jewish state. Syrian […]

Settlers set fire to a mosque in West Bank

On Monday, in occupied West Bank Palestinians accused Jewish settlers of setting fire to a mosque in Beit Fajjar, near the town of Bethlehem, an incident that co-occurred with US efforts to save peace talks stalled by a dispute over settlement building. Ali Thawabti, a municipal council official in the village of Beit Fajjar said, […]