Pakistan Under Pressure

Hillary Clinton’s visit has a purpose. United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrived in Pakistan with an agenda the goal of which was to urge the Pakistani government to step up counter-terrorist activities. Turmoil is banal in Pakistan as the people are fed up with all the haphazard suicide bombings and bumbling policies of […]

Pakistanis Show Anti-Americanism

Pakistan’s Armed Forces portray anti-western bias. Recent research proves that Anti-American bias is on the loose in Pakistan’s Armed Forces. Most of the teachers and instructors who taught at the military academies often added Anti-American comments in their lectures. This was automatically imbibed by the students and young cadets who form the future generation of […]

Peshawar Suicide Bombing Kills Six

Pakistan is the target of the Taleban. Another suicide attack, this time on a police station in Peshawar, killed six people this Wednesday. At least 23 were injured. The Pakistani Taleban have made the Pakistani-US allied war on terror their pet aversion. In order to create an atmosphere of insecurity and lawlessness in the country […]

Mehran Fiasco Damages Pakistan’s Image

The latest destructive acts wrought by internal enemies. The insurgents who attacked the PNS Mehran Base near Karachi a day back, had specific targets which they hoped to achieve. No doubt, a major one of these was the demoralization of the security forces. As for the tactics they employed, they resembled the ones used by […]

Bomb Blast in Peshawar

America is the target in fresh bomb blast. Two American vehicles were the aim of a car bomb that detonated in Peshawar this Friday. The party responsible for the act were the Pakistani Taleban, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda. The Americans were hurt but escaped with their lives intact. However, a Pakistani passerby was not so […]