Pakistan’s Western Border Unsafe

The Afghan border is being infiltrated by insurgents. Pakistan is fighting a losing battle with militants. Ever since the war on terror, suicide bombers and dissident elements have plagued Pakistani society. Islamabad has stepped up action on all fronts to end this menace but the guerrilla nature of the enemy makes eradicating the scourge a […]

Pakistani Troops Killed in Clashes

Fighting with insurgents leaves 23 troops dead. At least 23 Pakistani troops lost their lives after border clashes with rebel militants. The rebels had crossed the border from Afghanistan. There were 35 casualties among the insurgents. The clashes occurred after a statement by a top general that an operation would be carried out in the […]

Pakistan Prepares Itself

Militants are the main nemesis of Islamabad. Pakistan, paying heed to the US directed attack on Al-Qaeda and Taleban elements in North Waziristan, has decided to step up its confrontational attitude with the rebels and fanatics in the region. A hotbed of anti-state partisans of extremism the area has been hit before yet its inhabitants […]