Karachi Killings Reach Unprecedented Levels

The death toll in Karachi from target killings reaches 98. It is a national tragedy. The recent deaths of about a hundred people from meaningless and mindless target killings is proof that some very sick minds are on the loose on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Mainly due to ethnic […]

Absurd Pakistani Political Scene

Politics in Pakistan reeks of the worst elements. Government and good governance is about everything that is possible. But today the impossible too has become a possibility. Pakistani politicians are hurling abusive vitriol against each other on a scale unheard of before in the entire history of the nation. Directly after Nawaz Sharif’s critical speech […]

Pakistan Receives Hostages

Somali pirates release hostages that have reached Pakistan. Since the past 10 months Somali pirates had held hostages which finally arrived in Pakistan and were given a warm welcome. Since August of 2010 an Egyptian vessel had docked off the coast of Oman and been seized by Somali pirates. The PNS Zulfiqar reached Karachi along […]

Indo-Pak Visa Relaxation

Mobility between the two nations may increase soon. In upcoming September there might be a relaxation in visa restrictions in both India and Pakistan. Officials of both countries met over talks in which it was agreed upon that the visa regime ought to be deregulated a little. This condition counts for businessmen, people of the […]

Youth Killed in Cold Blood

The killing of a youth shocks the nation’s conscience. The sheer brutality and vicious savagery of it shook the entire nation of Pakistan to its foundation. The video coverage of a couple of Karachi Rangers abusing and then barbarically killing a defenseless youth named Sarfraz reached authorities causing a pandemonium. The media has once again […]

Pak-US Love-Hate Romance

Has the relationship turned sour? Or even abusive? Pakistan and the United States have had an on-again off-again relationship which has seen the two countries through difficult times. But the recent tide of events seems to have rudely awoken both nations from their sweet dreams. First Osama’s death caused quite a furor in Islamabad since […]