Afghanistan:15 rebels killed in southern province

On Monday, November 8, 2010, an Afghan official said, 15 rebels were killed & thirteen were caught in a joint operation by Afghan and NATO forces in the southern Kandahar province. According to provincial spokesman Zelmai Ayubi, the operation targeted suspected rebel strongholds in Arghistan and Maruf districts. Provincial deputy police chief Kamaluddin Khan said […]

Nato: 5 civilians killed in Afghan firefight

Nato said that 5 civilians, including 2 children were killed in a firefight between rebels and foreign soldiers, in southern Afghanistan. “Coalition forces positively identified the insurgent’s position and returned fire with small arms and indirect fire,” said the statement by Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (Isaf). “Insurgents returned indirect fire, striking a compound resulting […]

Eighty Taliban killed in failed attack on Nato outpost

On Saturday, Afghan official said that near the border with Pakistan eighty Taliban rebels were killed during a failed attack on a Nato combat outpost. Spokesman for the governor of eastern Paktika province, Mukhlis Afghan said, “Fresh information that we received from intelligence sources shows that 80 Taliban have been killed. The bodies of the […]

Afghanistan: Nato soldier, 4 police officers killed in attacks

On Thursday, a Nato soldier and 4 Afghan police officers were killed in attacks, officials said. Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said in a statement, the soldier died following “an insurgent attack”, without further detail. The number of deaths of foreign troops killed in Afghanistan so far this year rises to 598, according to […]

Gunmen set afire Nato trucks in Pakistan

QUETTA: On Tuesday, police said, gunmen set afire vehicles carrying supplies for Nato troops fighting in neighbouring Afghanistan, in the second such attack in twenty-four hours. The two tankers were attacked in Balochistan, the southwestern province of Pakistan that borders Iran and Afghanistan. The attacks came a week after Pakistan opened the main border crossing […]

Pakistan rejects report about Bin laden presence

On Monday, CNN quoted a Nato official, that Osama bin Laden is living comfortably in a house in north- west Pakistan close to his Egyptian-born deputy Ayman Al Zawahiri. CNN said, local people are protecting Osama and “some members of the Pakistani intelligence services”. On Zawahiri, the unnamed senior Nato official is quoted as saying, […]