Qaddafi About to Quit

Libya may just get rid of its scourge. Colonel Muammar Al-Qaddafi has ruled Libya since decades. It seemed he wasn’t going to give up so soon. But the times have definitely changed. With today’s democratic climate of greater freedom and the concomitant cry for human rights, such dictators are like dinosaurs in the age of […]

NATO Prolongs Actions in Libya

Libya hasn’t seen the last of NATO. The constant bombardment of Qaddafi’s assets in Libya by NATO is to continue. NATO has extended its operations for another 90 days. In the words of its Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, “We are determined to continue our operation to protect the people of Libya.” The decision was […]

Qaddafi Refuses to Quit

The Libyan leader has plans to stay. Colonel Muammar Qaddafi has announced his intention to remain in his country. In a meeting with Jacob Zuma, the South African Premier, he said that he won’t leave Libya. The South African Head of State is returning to his homeland empty-handed since nothing was achieved by his visit. […]

NATO Bombs Libya

Bombers strike Tripoli in fresh attacks. NATO sent its bomb-laden aircraft to Tripoli, Libya in order to attack Muammar Al-Qaddafi’s forces. The damage was considerable and one of the residents described the bombing scenario similar to “judgement day”. Qaddafi’s compound in the Bab Al-Aziziya was especially targeted. The night sky was lit over Tripoli as […]

NATO Helicopters Wound Pakistani Troops

Another skirmish in Waziristan tests Pakistan’s limits. An incursion in North Waziristan by NATO helicopters wounded two Pakistani troops much to the chagrin of Islamabad. With a history of drone attacks on Pakistani soil, and especially so since the war in Afghanistan, NATO has ridden roughshod over the feelings and rights of citizens on the […]