Karachi Killings Reach Unprecedented Levels

The death toll in Karachi from target killings reaches 98. It is a national tragedy. The recent deaths of about a hundred people from meaningless and mindless target killings is proof that some very sick minds are on the loose on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Mainly due to ethnic […]

Pakistan: Charter plane crashes, no survivors

On Friday, an aviation official said that a small plane with at least twenty-one people aboard chartered to ENI, an international oil company based in Italy, crashed after taking off from the Karachi airport, killing all aboard. Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority’s spokesman, Pervez George said the aircraft crashed near a military ordnance depot at Jinnah […]

Prime Minister of Pakistan: Army not being called in karachi

On Wednesday, Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said army was not being called in Karachi to restore law and order, and emphasised that the political leadership was capable of addressing the problem. Talking to media representatives, Prime Minister Gilani dismissed comments by Pakistan People’s Party leader Nabeel Gabol of calling the army […]

25 killed, and 52 injured during target killing in Pakistan

Karachi: The death toll has rise to 25, while more than 52 People are injured in a series of target killing spree since the last night. Continues firing in Karachi since late Saturday evening, giving rise to further tensions and terror in the City. On Sunday rescue sources have informed of finding dead bodies, subjected […]