Turkish-Israeli Pact

Turkey and Israel extend a hand of friendship towards each other. Turkey being the most secular of Muslim countries has had peaceful relations with Israel since 1996 when the two countries signed a military cooperation agreement. But somewhere in between their relationship soured due to the attack by Israel on the Gaza-bound flotilla resulting in […]

Egypt Denies Al-Qaeda Link

Egypt is not a base for Al-Qaeda. After Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Egypt of aiding Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Egyptian authorities vehemently denied this. In the words of National Security Chief, Hamed Abdullah, “There are no members of the AL-Qaeda organization in Egypt. What has been said is baseless.” Israel has reasons to be […]

Israeli Offer Unacceptable

Palestinians reject Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer. The Palestinian authorities dismissed the peace package of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu as insufficient. The Israeli premier spoke before Congress on Tuesday saying that he was willing to make “generous territorial concessions but that Jerusalem must remain a part of Israel and the West Bank too where tens of […]

Palestinians Seek UN Support

  Is the Palestinian State a possibility? The Palestinians, under the leadership of their President Mahmoud Abbas, began efforts to gain recognition in the eyes of the United Nations. Their demand is simple, a homeland of their own. And this includes parts of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian authorities have ignored […]

Turkey’s Prime Minister: No talks before Israeli apology

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, Turkey will not talk with Tel Aviv unless “Israel will apologize and pay compensation” for its “savage attack” on the Gaza-bound flotilla in international waters which left 9 Turkish peace activists dead on May 31. On Wednesday,Turkish Prime Minister told France 24 television, “Israel will apologize. And Israel […]

Fatah and Hamas agree to resume talks after Eid

On Wednesday, Rival Palestinian groups Fatah & Hamas agreed to resume reconciliation dialogues after next week’s Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha, said officials from both sides. Hamas official Mussa Abu Marzuq said, “We agreed to continue the dialogue after the Al-Adha holidays”… “After the feast, we will fix a date”. Without giving details he added, […]