Iran Catches US Spies

  A CIA spy network uncovered in Iran. Iranian authorities have caught at least 30 individuals accused of spying for the CIA. Such an incident has previously occured in Iran where the penalty for spying is death. This news comes amidst US President Barack Obama’s charges that Iran is sponsoring terrorism and intends to make nuclear […]

Iran Unperturbed Over Nuclear Risk

Earthquake-prone Iran least concerned about nuclear hazard. The recent tsunami in Japan led to a nuclear reactor fallout, the worst of its kind since the Chernobyl Disaster which took place several years ago. Radioactive damage to the living environment including human beings has all the trappings of a man-made catastrophe in addition to the natural […]

Malaysians Foil Cargo of Heroin

Drug traffickers caught red-handed in Malaysia. Two Iranians were arrested after a huge shipment of heroin worth $12 million was seized by Malaysian officials. Over 270 packets of the deadly drug were stashed away inside 560 bags of cement in a shipment from Karachi, Pakistan. After considerable surveillance, the concerned authorities seized the contraband at […]

US: Robert Gates rejects Israel’s call for Iran

The United States has rejected statement by Israel’s prime minister calling for a military threat against Iran to make certain it doesn’t get nuclear weapons. On Monday, United States defence secretary Robert Gates said during a visit to Australia for security talks, “We know that they are concerned about the impact of the sanctions. The […]

Iran: Earthquake in western Iran injures 100

On Saturday, a hundred people have been injured in western Iran by an earthquake of magnitude 4.9, Iranian state TV reported. Earthquake caused damage to residential buildings in the town of Dorood. The report says twenty-five of those wounded had to remain hospitalised, others were discharged after treatment for minor injuries. The earthquake caused fright […]

Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran bid to lessen Lebanon tensions

On Tuesday, the Syrian, Saudi and Iranian ambassadors to Lebanon met in a bid to control mounting tensions over the UN-backed investigation into the assassination of ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri. Ghadanfar Roken Abadi, the Iranian ambassador told LBC television of Lebanon, “Preserving Lebanon’s unity is of the utmost importance and that has always been the […]