Mending Saudi-Iranian Relations

Saudi Arabia wants to resume dialogue with Iran. There was a slight dis-ease between Saudi Arabia and Iran after the Bahrain Crisis. But things have gone back to normal. Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal spoke with Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Minister and exchanged views. The bilateral talks would have proved fruitful had not […]

Tehran Turns the Tables

Iran has accused the West of sponsoring terrorism. In a bold move Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad lashed out at Western accusations of Tehran’s sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah by saying that “Washington, Israel and Europe are the worst culprits.” This comes amidst a meeting of delegates in Tehran on the occasion of the International Conference […]

Iran to Send Monkey into Space

The Islamic Republic of Iran has its space program. Other animals have been previously sent into orbit around the earth. These included a rat, turtles and worms. But now Iran is all set to send a monkey into outer space. The planning has been finalized for this summer if the information from a top official […]

West Sees Iranian Threat

Is Iran really that much of a threat in the region? Like “the boy who cried wolf” the western powers including Israel have time after time raised alarm bells regarding Iran and its nuclear program. Washington and Tel Aviv hold firmly to the unfounded belief that Iran plans to make a nuclear weapon and will […]

Ahmadinejad Appoints Caretaker

The Iranian Premier assigns a deputy. After much debate, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Head of State has appointed a caretaker for the Oil Ministry. The chosen man is Mohammad Aliabadi. 165 of the 198 members of parliament supported this decision. Previously, Ahmadinejad had taken over the Oil Ministry which proved to be an unpopular decision. […]

Iran Interferes in Syrian Affairs

Iran sends aid to Syria. Iran has tried to end the tension in Syria by sending its advisers as well as weapons and surveillance equipment to its supporters there. The objective of all this is to destroy the anti-governmental forces which are active in Syria. Aid from Iran has led to incarceration of scores of […]