US: Robert Gates rejects Israel’s call for Iran

The United States has rejected statement by Israel’s prime minister calling for a military threat against Iran to make certain it doesn’t get nuclear weapons. On Monday, United States defence secretary Robert Gates said during a visit to Australia for security talks, “We know that they are concerned about the impact of the sanctions. The […]

Iran: Earthquake in western Iran injures 100

On Saturday, a hundred people have been injured in western Iran by an earthquake of magnitude 4.9, Iranian state TV reported. Earthquake caused damage to residential buildings in the town of Dorood. The report says twenty-five of those wounded had to remain hospitalised, others were discharged after treatment for minor injuries. The earthquake caused fright […]

Iran: 4 ‘UK-linked terrorists’ arrested

On Thursday state-run Press TV reported that AM Iranian authorities have caught 4 people they say were paid off by a Kurdish militant based in Britain to carry out assassinations. The English language TV channel said on its website, “Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says it has arrested four Britain-linked terrorists in the western city of Marivan, […]

Iran warns nationals against France travel

As the European country’s national unrest caused by economic and social crises gets to a “serious level” Iran warns its citizens against travelling to France. On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said, “We think the crisis in France has reached a serious level, and we advise all our nationals who plan to travel […]

US blacklists 37 Iran-linked companies

The US has blacklisted thirty-seven shipping companies in Germany, Malta and Cyprus that US says are linked to Iran’s nuclear programme. The Treasury Department said the “front companies” were helping Iran’s use of its national maritime carrier to advance its unlawful programme for developing weapons of mass destruction and for shipping military cargo. Treasury action […]