Indonesia Witnesses Parkour

Agile, slim and fit Indonesians deal with an urban environment. You may have seen them and have been puzzled as to what exactly they seek to accomplish by their acts. Highly flexible and speedy people go whizzing past you and jump, bounce and roll over objects and obstacles in the environment. Welcome to Parkour, a […]

Liverpool Enters Asian Arena

Football makes inroads into Indonesia. The renowned football club which goes by the name of Liverpool has sent out feelers in the Asian market. They have sent their favorite player, Phil Neal, to Jakarta, Indonesia in an effort to introduce the ins and outs of football to the Muslim country whose team has yet to […]

Indonesia: Mount Merapi volcano still shooting ash

On Thursday, Indonesia’s most active volcano Mount Merapi was shooting clouds of ash high into the sky after a series of major eruptions, & an alert status stays in force, an official said. Government volcanologist Raden Sukhyar said,”Merapi’s intensity has slowed down, but small eruptions still occur and its status is still alert,” He said, […]

Jakarta: US-Muslim mistrust must end, says Obama

On Wednesday, giving a keynote speech in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, the US president Barack Obama has said that a lot more requires to be done to restore frayed US relations with the Muslim world. He was addressing a 6,000-strong audience, mainly students, at the national university in the capital, Jakarta. US […]

Indonesia: Volcano death toll rises to138

On Saturday hospital officials said, the number of people killed by Mount Merapi volcano that erupted back to life 2 weeks ago climbed to 138. An employee at Sardjito hospital, Sigit Priohutomo, said the toll rose by twenty after patients caught up in a blistery fireball on Friday succumbed to their injuries. The small hospital […]