Rare Javan rhinos photographed in Indonesia

  JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – Four of the world’s most rare rhinoceroses were captured by camera traps installed in an Indonesian national park, an environmental group said Monday. The footage from movement-triggered hidden cameras in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park have photographed images of two Javan rhino calves, bringing new hope for a species. Javan rhinoceroses […]

Indonesia: Mount Merapi volcano still shooting ash

On Thursday, Indonesia’s most active volcano Mount Merapi was shooting clouds of ash high into the sky after a series of major eruptions, & an alert status stays in force, an official said. Government volcanologist Raden Sukhyar said,”Merapi’s intensity has slowed down, but small eruptions still occur and its status is still alert,” He said, […]

Indonesia: Volcano death toll rises to138

On Saturday hospital officials said, the number of people killed by Mount Merapi volcano that erupted back to life 2 weeks ago climbed to 138. An employee at Sardjito hospital, Sigit Priohutomo, said the toll rose by twenty after patients caught up in a blistery fireball on Friday succumbed to their injuries. The small hospital […]

Indonesian: 35 people killed by volcano’s latest blast

On Friday at least thirty-five people were killed and many wounded when Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano erupted again. A spokesman for Sarjito general hospital in Yogyakarta said, “The death toll has risen to 35″. According to accounts of the destruction from emergency response officials, among the dead were many children from Argomulyo village, which is […]

Indonesia: Mount Merapi’s volcano erupts again

In Indonesia Mount Merapi’s volcano has erupted again as the country is fighting to aid victims of last week’s tsunami that has laid waste to a remote areas of islands. On Wednesday morning the volcano began to eruct ash clouds and burn rocks down the slopes. Thousands of people have been moved towards safe location […]

Indonesian: Volcano eructs heat clouds, ash

On Monday, Mount Merapi volcano eructed heat clouds and ash as officials warned another eruption is expected, but possibly not as great as one that killed thirty-four people last week. Searing grey fumes and ash shot high into the sky and rolled down the slopes of the 2,914-metre mountain, Indonesia’s most active volcano, spreading fearfulness […]