Jordan Looks to GCC

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan wants to join the cartel. In today’s multicultural world fate sometimes makes for strange bedfellows. Only in the present scenario will Turkey, which is a Muslim nation, opt to become a member of the European Union. And in the contemporary age, Australia, a western nation wants to join its Asian […]

US-GCC Deal is On

The United States wants to sign a trade agreement. Prospects for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are looking up as the US has its eyes set on signing a Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement (TICA) with the nations included within the council’s auspices. The major nation this pact is being signed with is the United Arab […]

Saleh Gives In

The Yemeni President finally agrees to sign. Ali Abdullah Saleh in a last minute volte-face agreed to sign the GCC deal that will guarantee him immunity from prosecution not to mention safe passage on his way out of government. The Yemeni President said that he won’t be dragged into a civil war. He further spoke […]

Yemen Deal Called Off

The transition deal has been suspended by the GCC. The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) has ended the deal according to which Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh was to peacefully step down making way for someone else. The current crisis in Yemen was to be resolved as per this deal. But when the President refused to […]