South Sudan Gains Independence

Khartoum has announced its separation from the South. After years of violence and bloodshed North and South Sudan officially became distinct countries on the world map. The South contains well over 75% of the oil reserves of the once united nation. This is a cause of concern in the North since the economy virtually ran on […]

Saleh’s Message On Television

The Yemeni President gets his viewpoint across  live on TV. President Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared on television in his first address to the nation. With white stubble on his face rather than the trademark mustache, he was clearly recovering from the assassination attempt which took place a month ago. Saleh stated the fact that he […]

Mending Saudi-Iranian Relations

Saudi Arabia wants to resume dialogue with Iran. There was a slight dis-ease between Saudi Arabia and Iran after the Bahrain Crisis. But things have gone back to normal. Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal spoke with Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Minister and exchanged views. The bilateral talks would have proved fruitful had not […]

Qaddafi About to Quit

Libya may just get rid of its scourge. Colonel Muammar Al-Qaddafi has ruled Libya since decades. It seemed he wasn’t going to give up so soon. But the times have definitely changed. With today’s democratic climate of greater freedom and the concomitant cry for human rights, such dictators are like dinosaurs in the age of […]

Moroccan Protests Continue

Protests continue despite the new constitution of King Muhammad VI. Moroccans are up in arms. Thousands of dissatisfied individuals took to the streets of Rabat (the capital city) to express their sense of injustice against the King’s victory in the referendum. King Muhammad VI has just won by a landslide but the protesters are adamant […]

European Parliament President Expected in Tunisia

Tunisia welcomes the unexpected arrival of a distinguished visitor. Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Parliament, spoke of how he would soon be visiting Tunisia not to mention Egypt. The express purpose of the visit was to confirm the European Community’s full support of the wave of democratization that was sweeping the region of […]