Confrontation between Police and Youth

Egypt witnesses clashes in which 1000 people are hurt. Skirmishes took place overnight in Egypt as police fired tear gas at protesters which included a majority of youth. Over 1000 people were severely injured including 40 policemen. The whole incident began when the family members of people killed during the toppling of Hosni Mubarak’s corrupt […]

Egyptian Ex-Trade Minister Jailed

The Ex-Trade Minister is sentenced to five years in prison. An Egyptian court has pronounced a sentence of five years (in absentia) against the Ex-Trade Minister of Egypt, Rachid Mohamed Rachid. The man fled the country when the Arab Spring revolution occurred. He is accused of profiteering and squandering public funds. Rachid was a prominently […]

Egypt Closes Gaza Strip Crossing

The Egyptians block the border crossing to Israel. After a month of opening the Gaza Strip crossing, through which many Palestinians migrated, Egypt has finally closed it. This has angered many people who had come with the expectation of crossing it. Belligerent Palestinians gathered in crowds at the crossing. Israel would probably be happy at […]

Egypt Denies Al-Qaeda Link

Egypt is not a base for Al-Qaeda. After Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Egypt of aiding Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Egyptian authorities vehemently denied this. In the words of National Security Chief, Hamed Abdullah, “There are no members of the AL-Qaeda organization in Egypt. What has been said is baseless.” Israel has reasons to be […]