Civilians Massacred in Sudan

Unrest in South Kordofan results in civilian deaths. Aerial bombardment of various areas in the southern Sudanese border town of Kordofan resulted in the untimely death of several innocent civilians. The genocide in Sudan has taken its toll. With brutal attacks from both sides there has been an appalling level of bloodshed. The African Union […]

41 Yemenis Feared Dead

Street fights in Sanaa have gotten out of hand. Government agencies and street fighters retaliated against each other with weapons in the capital, Sanaa. The result was that 41 Yemenis got killed in the clashes. The fighting began in the capital but soon spread to other areas of the country. The rule of Ali Abdullah […]

Tragic Deaths in Syria

More Syrian protesters lose their lives. Syrian security has unleashed hell upon the protesters, three of whom have been killed in the recent clashes. The deaths occurred in the southern Syrian town of Dael where the protesters shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” from the rooftops. When police opened fire into the crowd of demonstrators there were casualties. All […]

Death toll rise to 65 in Afghan wedding building collapse

An official said on Thursday, 65 people, mostly women and children, died when a floor collapsed at a wedding in Jalga district of Baghlan province, northern Afghanistan, an poverty-stricken and isolated area deep in the Pamir mountains. This unfortunate mishap occurred on Wednesday. Spokesman for the provincial governor, Mahmood Haqmal said, “65 people have been […]