The Fate of Bahrain’s Protesters

Bahrain is to present its protesters in civilian courts. The anti-government and pro-Shiite protests in Bahrain were crushed with the help of Saudi forces from across the Causeway. And the West turned a blind eye towards this injustice. Until now the protesters had been brought before military tribunals but this has just abruptly been stopped. […]

GCC Games in Bahrain

The schedule for sports lovers hasn’t changed. While justice can be delayed it cannot be denied. All players and aficionados in the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain will be glad to know that despite a break in the usual timing set for the GCC Games, they will still be held in October. Better late than never […]

Unrest in Bahrain

Bahrain once again erupts in protests. Just two days after the lifting of a martial law, Bahrain saw protesters come out on the streets to cause a commotion. Police were called in and they fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. Bahrain has a unique situation where the ruler is a Sunni while […]

Martial Law Ends in Bahrain

The tension subsides in Bahrain. Tense relations between the rulers and the protesters have come to an end in Bahrain. On Wednesday the prevailing martial law was lifted much to the relief of both hostile parties. The tourists too will be welcomed back now that the strict policies against any rowdiness have been taken back. […]

Bahrain: Shiite opposition wins 18 of 40 parliament seats

Oct 24, 2010: On Sunday an electoral commission official announced that the Islamic National Accord Association, Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition group won eighteen out of forty parliament seats in a weekend poll. Bahrain is a kingdom and is ruled by Al-Khalifa family, who are Sunni Muslims. The current King of Bahrain is Sheikh Hamad ibn […]