Syria: IAEA could ask for “intrusive inspections”

The International Atomic Energy Agency director general Yukiya Amano said, that (IAEA) wants access to get to the Dair Alzour desert site that was bombed by Israel in 2007 & others in Syria.

Syria is a close friend of Iran, which is already facing 4 rounds of UN nuclear sanctions, & the atomic activities of the Syrian government are the subject of raising international suspicion.

Director general of (IAEA) Yukiya Amano told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, “In Syria, special inspection is of course one of the options but for now I am continuing to request Syria to provide access and will continue to do so for now. For the future, as I said: I am open,”

The IAEA chief can ask the agency board for special “intrusive inspections” and Syria would be referred to the UN Security Council if it failed to comply.

Amano said the process has only been applied in the past against North Korea, which is also the target of UN nuclear sanctions, and Romania after they rejected inspections.

He said there were “other tools,” but insisted “nothing has been decided.”

“There has not been progress but for now I keep on asking Syria to accept inspectors at the site of Dair Alzour and other locations,” he added.

IAEA inspectors went once to Dair Alzour and were permitted to take samples.

“We found that they are particles of man-made uranium. But up to today we cannot identify what is the origin,” he said.

“Judging from the information that we have, we think that it is possible, or quite possible, that it was a reactor.”