Assad Finally Speaks

The Syrian President wants to talk to his nation’s people.

Bashar Al-Assad is to address his country’s citizens soon in a bid to hold on to what little semblance of sanity there exists in Syria. The anti-governmental protests which started some time ago have taken on monumental dimensions. His one-man rule is under attack from all corners. The western secular nations have boycotted him too. They have frozen his accounts on foreign soil.

Despite severe clampdowns there is no quelling the unrest. The protests have shifted to the Turkish border by now testing Turkey’s policy of “no problems with neighbors” in the process. Seeing the writing on the wall, President Bashar Al-Assad seeks to address his nation. The Ambassador to Washington said that “his government differentiated between the legitimate demands of protesters and those of armed gangs.”

Syria along with several other dictatorships of the Middle East have experienced profound disturbances from among the masses. This is proof if any is needed that change is on the way.