South Sudan Gains Independence

Khartoum has announced its separation from the South.

After years of violence and bloodshed North and South Sudan officially became distinct countries on the world map. The South contains well over 75% of the oil reserves of the once united nation. This is a cause of concern in the North since the economy virtually ran on oil. But with the civil war over it is a time of much-needed peace. There was jubilation and merrymaking in the South with the countdown to independence. Meanwhile in the North it was rather gloomy.

Sudan has faced one of the worst genocides on the face of the planet. The Northern and Southern centres of interest fought an internecine war with each other that left many casualties in its wake. With the separation of South Sudan the spate of brutalities and savagery finally has come to an end. However the North is still apprehensive about the UN Peace Keeping Troops in the region. There are further signs of trouble around the border town of Kordofan.

But now with the nation of Sudan split between North and South the battle has come to an end. Let’s hope that the peace lasts long enough for both governments to settle down.