Civilians Massacred in Sudan

Unrest in South Kordofan results in civilian deaths.

Aerial bombardment of various areas in the southern Sudanese border town of Kordofan resulted in the untimely death of several innocent civilians. The genocide in Sudan has taken its toll. With brutal attacks from both sides there has been an appalling level of bloodshed. The African Union has tried its level best to broker a peace agreement between both factions. The Sudan Armed Forces had bombed regions of the southern non-Arab Nuba population.

Meanwhile fighting broke out between the North and South at the meeting point of the southern border town of Kordofan. More than 70,000 people have fled their homes and the SAF has continued its air strikes against the southern sector. The UN has condemned the genocide but not taken any practical steps to end it. It appears to be more of a nominal stooge of the West rather than a global peace maker.

Sudan faces civil war that seems set to rip the country apart between its northern and southern regions. The differences are along ethnic lines and refuse to go away.