Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban

Saudi Arabian females have had enough.

The desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ruled by a joint leadership comprising the Al-Saud family who are hereditary monarchs and the Sheikhs who are the religious elite. It is by the cooperation of these two that there is peace and stability in KSA. One of the consequences of the strict laws is social control that sometimes goes beyond the necessary limits. Take the issue of female driving.

Females hold up half of society along with their male counterparts. But in Saudi Arabia they are not allowed to drive vehicles. This led to a Saudi woman, Manal Al-Sharif to defy the ban last month and post a video of herself driving on the Internet. She was taken into custody but released later on. Now several women have taken to defying the ban on female driving. A female drove around the capital of Riyadh at dawn on Friday without any untoward incident happening.

Ultimately the old must give way to the new. The conundrum of female driving is just such a case of old values conflicting with new ones.