RIM Takes Over Scoreloop

The latest addition to Research in Motion.

Research in Motion (RIM) has just acquired Scoreloop, the social gaming company. This bodes well for the times ahead since mobile game developers can now add more features to their games. According to the blog owned by RIM: “Scoreloop will be bringing its expertise in creating social and collaborative gaming tool kits for mobile developers to the Blackberry platform.” Till now Scoreloop didn’t even have a Blackberry Version of SDK.

But all of that is now history. In Scoreloop’s own words: “The Blackberry Version will be unparalleled.” It is a wise decision taken by RIM. And though there are some concerns over timing, if things go according to plan it will all end up just fine. Employing SDK, developers can add social and in-app features in their games. This is a small step for the company but a giant leap for technology.

In time the electronics revolution will go from microtechnology to nanotechnology. Some say it already has, which is as close to the truth as the latest development on its exciting horizon of possibilities.