Prime Minister of Pakistan: Army not being called in karachi

On Wednesday, Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said army was not being called in Karachi to restore law and order, and emphasised that the political leadership was capable of addressing the problem.

Talking to media representatives, Prime Minister Gilani dismissed comments by Pakistan People’s Party leader Nabeel Gabol of calling the army to take control of the city. Gilani said that was Gabol’s “personal view”.

Gilani said: “It is not the point of the view of my party”.

He said the army could be called to aid the civilian government, but added that “the political leadership of the country was capable of containing the situation”.

When questioned whether he had any information that the unrest in the city was being manipulated by foreign hands, Gilani said he would respond once he received a detailed report from Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister .

Excoriating the killings in Karachi, Gilani said he had personally spoken to the stakeholders in Karachi and that efforts were afoot to bring peace to the city.

When asked regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on the 18th Amendment expected tomorrow, Gilani said he hoped for a positive verdict. He then said that the Pakistan People’s Party held the court in high esteem.