Pak-US Love-Hate Romance

Has the relationship turned sour? Or even abusive?

Pakistan and the United States have had an on-again off-again relationship which has seen the two countries through difficult times. But the recent tide of events seems to have rudely awoken both nations from their sweet dreams. First Osama’s death caused quite a furor in Islamabad since the US Commandos had not taken the Pak Army into confidence. Then the terrorist attack on the PNS Mehran served as a source of great embarrassment for the government and military.

The romance is certainly on the rocks. But according to Wikileaks what appears on the surface is not so if you look beneath. The bold whistle-blowing site has revealed that there is a great deal of cooperation between the two nations despite surface turmoil. In fact the romance still goes on and is hard to break. The US needs Pakistan in the capacity of a front line state just as much as Pakistan is dependent for aid from the US.

If anything, in future times when fundamentalism will plague society even more, it is precisely this friendship between these two nations, situated on diametrically opposed locations of the globe, which might sound the death-knell for extremism.