Youth Killed in Cold Blood

The killing of a youth shocks the nation’s conscience.

The sheer brutality and vicious savagery of it shook the entire nation of Pakistan to its foundation. The video coverage of a couple of Karachi Rangers abusing and then barbarically killing a defenseless youth named Sarfraz reached authorities causing a pandemonium. The media has once again shown its rooting for the cause of justice and fair play. The youth begged and pleaded for his life but was not spared. First he was beaten black and blue and then to add insult to injury he was shot without any moral compunction.

Once the family of the victim got to know of the injustice they appealed to the Supreme Court and the government to give the criminals who did the deed exemplary punishment. There is uproar in parliament over this case of violence by those who are supposed to control it. There have been previous cases of Karachi Rangers abusing their authority in a high handed way. This time they seem to have gone a little too far. Two of the Rangers have been identified and taken into custody and placed on a five day remand.

The higher ups of these cruel perpetrators of the heinous crime are being questioned and indicted too. In Pakistan, which has become a police state, this is a clear case of “terrorists in uniform.”