NATO Helicopters Wound Pakistani Troops

Another skirmish in Waziristan tests Pakistan’s limits.

An incursion in North Waziristan by NATO helicopters wounded two Pakistani troops much to the chagrin of Islamabad. With a history of drone attacks on Pakistani soil, and especially so since the war in Afghanistan, NATO has ridden roughshod over the feelings and rights of citizens on the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The army was unavailable for any comments on the situation. North Waziristan happens to be a hotbed of insurgency and is the favorite target of Western imperialistic policies. In a never-ending battle of strike and counter-strike, the bitterness engendered on both ends has made matters worse.

Pak-US ties have almost reached an impasse since the twin incidents of the controversy over Raymond Davis’s diplomatic immunity and the killing of Osama bin Ladin in Abbotabad. A nation’s self-respect and self-esteem have been shook to the very foundations and it remains unclear whether this existing state of affairs can continue much longer.