Karachi Killings Reach Unprecedented Levels

The death toll in Karachi from target killings reaches 98.

It is a national tragedy. The recent deaths of about a hundred people from meaningless and mindless target killings is proof that some very sick minds are on the loose on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Mainly due to ethnic and political strife, the stray bullets that claimed innocent victims led to a countrywide uproar. Police and paramilitary forces were under strict orders to shoot on sight anyone perpetrating violence or terrorism. However, they don’t seem to be doing a lot to curb the senseless insanity.

In the words of one spokesman “157 people had been arrested in the operation last night and 38 pistolsĀ and 3 AK-47 riflesĀ had been confiscated”. But still the rogue elements seem to be out there. Over hundreds of families have been evacuated from the troubled areas. Police combed the entire city for the bad elements that had destroyed the peace of mind of the inhabitants. With over 18 million dwellers Karachi has a history of ethnic and sectarian violence. This is a characteristic of big city life all over the globe.

Rivalry between the Muhajirs and the Pashtuns is blamed for this phenomenon. The former are members of the MQM while the latter belong to the ANP.