Indo-Pak Visa Relaxation

Mobility between the two nations may increase soon.

In upcoming September there might be a relaxation in visa restrictions in both India and Pakistan. Officials of both countries met over talks in which it was agreed upon that the visa regime ought to be deregulated a little. This condition counts for businessmen, people of the press and the elderly. The Joint Working Group met over talks and in the words of one official: “If both countries reach an agreement…[they] will have a liberalized visa regime.”

Also those with medical issues will be allowed particular laxity in the law. The visas are not just city-specific. Rather the citizens of each nation will be allowed to travel throughout India or Pakistan without limitations. This is indeed good news for tourists. In the words of another official: “this is to facilitate greater people-to-people contacts between the two nations.”

Pakistan and India have a history of conflict with occasional oases of friendship amidst the desert of hostilities. This is a positive step towards reconciliation that might bode well for future times.