Pakistan Receives Hostages

Somali pirates release hostages that have reached Pakistan.

Since the past 10 months Somali pirates had held hostages which finally arrived in Pakistan and were given a warm welcome. Since August of 2010 an Egyptian vessel had docked off the coast of Oman and been seized by Somali pirates. The PNS Zulfiqar reached Karachi along with 22 crew members of the Egyptian boat. The Navy spokesman Mohammad Kamran said that “we have welcomed them warmly and will keep the foreigners as our guests.”

Such events reflect the fragility of human life. It is a good thing that the hostages were released and are now safe and sound. A ceremony was held to celebrate the release of the hostages. The families of the hostages are happy and their joy knows no bounds. The four Pakistanis among the hostages were present on the occasion along with their relatives.

The other crew members included eleven Egyptians, six Indians and one Sri Lankan. It has been a close call for the hostages and they are indeed lucky to escape with their lives intact.