Dubai Holding Sells 14% Stake

The Dubai-based mobile phone retailer gives away a chunk. 14% of the stake in Axiom Telecom was sold by Dubai Holdings as a part of the Qatar Mannai Corp’s investment in the deal. Axiom has already sold 35% of its  stocks to Mannai last week in an effort to nullify the beginning public offer in […]

Saudia’s First Class Center

The airlines of Saudi Arabia takes an initiative. Saudia has opened a First Class Center for its luxury class passengers at King Abdul Aziz Airport. This was done keeping in mind the customers and clientele of the airlines. In order to provide services, especially to the first class passengers, this center has been put into […]

Pakistan Receives Hostages

Somali pirates release hostages that have reached Pakistan. Since the past 10 months Somali pirates had held hostages which finally arrived in Pakistan and were given a warm welcome. Since August of 2010 an Egyptian vessel had docked off the coast of Oman and been seized by Somali pirates. The PNS Zulfiqar reached Karachi along […]

Google’s Billionth User

Google is the search engine par excellence. Now it has over a billion users world-wide which make it more popular than ever. Google is the king of search engines with a globally spanning influence. In May of the year 2011 it reached the one billionth mark thereby marking a world record in number of consumers/users. […]

Najib Opens Discount Store

The Malaysian Prime Minister tries to curb rising inflation. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has taken a new step in the direction of checking hyperinflation rates in the country. A thrift store by the name of KR1M (Kedai Rakyat One Malaysia) will open up in Kuala Lumpur. Items of daily use will be on sale […]