Saudis Gauge Oil Situation

The Saudi Council meets to review the oil market scenario. King Abdullah met with the Supreme¬† Council for Petroleum and Mineral Resources and went over the worldwide oil crisis. The financial market for crude oil and its supply and demand were among the salient points discussed.¬† The fact that OPEC’s abilities to meet the global […]

Civilians Massacred in Sudan

Unrest in South Kordofan results in civilian deaths. Aerial bombardment of various areas in the southern Sudanese border town of Kordofan resulted in the untimely death of several innocent civilians. The genocide in Sudan has taken its toll. With brutal attacks from both sides there has been an appalling level of bloodshed. The African Union […]

Absurd Pakistani Political Scene

Politics in Pakistan reeks of the worst elements. Government and good governance is about everything that is possible. But today the impossible too has become a possibility. Pakistani politicians are hurling abusive vitriol against each other on a scale unheard of before in the entire history of the nation. Directly after Nawaz Sharif’s critical speech […]

Egyptian Ex-Trade Minister Jailed

The Ex-Trade Minister is sentenced to five years in prison. An Egyptian court has pronounced a sentence of five years (in absentia) against the Ex-Trade Minister of Egypt, Rachid Mohamed Rachid. The man fled the country when the Arab Spring revolution occurred. He is accused of profiteering and squandering public funds. Rachid was a prominently […]

Tehran Turns the Tables

Iran has accused the West of sponsoring terrorism. In a bold move Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad lashed out at Western accusations of Tehran’s sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah by saying that “Washington, Israel and Europe are the worst culprits.” This comes amidst a meeting of delegates in Tehran on the occasion of the International Conference […]