OBESITY (A Disease)

Are YOU over weight? If your body mass index is up to 25 then you are facing obesity.

What is BMI? To know body mass index, weight in Kgs is divided by square of height in inches.

Five Steps To Control Obesity:

1. Reduce your meal but avoid starvation.

2. Don’t take sweets and fats.

3. Don’t take extra and irregular diet.

4. Take exercise for 40 to 45 minutes daily. Walking, cycling, playing and swimming are important exercises.

5. Take calorie controlled meals:

Breakfast: Two slices and a cup of tea without sugar.(180 calories)

Lunch: Half plate boiled rice, half plate of boiled vegetables or curry and a plate of salad with lemon juice on it.(300 Calories)

Supper: A glass of juice and a fruit OR a cup of tea with two biscuits and a fruit.(240 Calories)

Dinner: A glass of milk and one slice OR half plate of boiled vegetables or curry, half plate salad and a slice.(180 Calories)

Note: The remaining 100 calories one can get according to their own choice.

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    Thanks for the advise in the article. Exercise and eat healthy daily is important for the body to function correctly.