Moroccan Protests Continue

Protests continue despite the new constitution of King Muhammad VI.

Moroccans are up in arms. Thousands of dissatisfied individuals took to the streets of Rabat (the capital city) to express their sense of injustice against the King’s victory in the referendum. King Muhammad VI has just won by a landslide but the protesters are adamant that it makes no difference and that he must go.

“We want real democracy” is the slogan on every Moroccan’s lips. They have rejected the results of the referendum calling it merely a set of figures meant to mislead. The crowds that swarmed the streets chanted “freedom” and clapped their hands in rhythmic unison. It was definitely a powerful way of conveying their true feelings.

The powers that rule have always resisted the usurpation of authority by others. And no matter how noble the intentions of the protesters the ruling elite doesn’t give up its privileges so easily.