Many Injured in Anti-American Protests in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan :35 police officers and 12 civilians were injured in a clash between anti-American protesters and the Afghan police on Wednesday, as both sides accused each other of randomly firing shots, police officials and witnesses said. It is still not clear whether anyone has died in the violence. This is the latest in a series of outbursts in the country protesting the cancelled plan of burning Quran by an American pastor last week. Thousands of protesters carried the flags of the Taliban, chanted anti-American slogans and burnt tires, according to a witness. The police fired shots into the air in order to disperse the aggressive crowd.

A member of Parliament from Kabul Province, Mir Ahmad Joyanda said, “The people are being misused,” and “Maybe it’s not the candidates themselves, but their agents, their people are motivating the illiterate, uneducated who are very strong Muslims and love the Koran.” He continued: “They can say, ‘We’re defending Islam, we’re defending religion, so you have to support us.”

The spokesman for Ministry of Public Health, Noor Oghli Kargar said the injured civilians were recovering “in good condition.” He also said that it was still unclear “if these people were shot